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Join us the first Thursday of the month from 6-8pm for a cold brew and a fresh view on American politics.

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April 22nd, 6pm - 8pm: What is the secret of Silicon Valley?
Join us for a conversation with Doug Henton. Doug Henton is Chairman and CEO of Collaborative Economics, a research and consulting firm based in San Mateo. He was the architect of the Index of Silicon Valley and currently leading a project on Competitiveness and Innovation for the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and Silicon Valley Community Foundation. 6-8:00 p.m., Half Moon Bay Brewing Company, 390 Capistrano Road, Half Moon Bay; Admission and snacks are complimentary; beer, wine and full menu available for purchase.


May 1st, 6pm - 8pm: Olazul
Join us for a conversation with Jos Hill, Executive Director of Olazul and hear the story behind the colorful fish kept in aquariums and the coral reef-side communities that bring them to market. Headquartered in San Francisco, Olazul designs and implements coastal livelihoods that drive marine ecosystem restoration in developing countries. In Indonesia, Olazul works with fishing communities to develop sustainable methods for producing marine aquarium fish and Olazul's team in Mexico partners with fishermen to grow healthy seaweed for consumer markets. The goal is to provide marginalized coastal communities with profitable alternatives to destructive fishing practices and to create economic pathways toward conservation and recovery of fisheries. 6-8:00 p.m., Half Moon Bay Brewing Company, 390 Capistrano Road, Half Moon Bay; Admission and snacks are complimentary; beer, wine and full menu available for purchase.

Special night, May 15th, Jane Gardner returns to discuss Big Lift in depth
Big lift is the initiative to improve San Mateo County third grade reading scores, which involves a collaborative of 85 county organizations.

June 5th, 6pm - 8pm: The Golden Gate Bridge
Hear a living history about the making of one of SF Bay Area's iconic landmarks,The Golden Gate Bridge, and the 20-year effort to overcome political, financial, environmental, engineering, and construction challenges never before faced by any project of this magnitude.


July and August is summer vacation, see you in September!


September 4th, 6pm - 8pm: A conversation with Dr. Michael Chui
Mr. Chui leads research on the impact of information technologies and innovation on business, the economy, and society.


October 2nd, 6pm - 8pm: Election Preview
Hear what expert pollster and researcher Alex Evans from EMC Research has to say about the November Elections.


November 6th, 6pm - 8pm: A conversation with Ed Lee
The honorable Mayor Ed Lee, mayor of San Francisco will join us for a special Brews&Views.


December 4th, 6pm - 8pm: Health Care, where are we headed?
A discussion with George Halverson, retired chairman of the board of directors and former chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente, and author of the new book, "Don’t let Healthcare Bankrupt America".

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