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Our Food Philosophy

we love food


That means equal billing to our food menu, which takes full advantage of all of the fresh, seasonal, local ingredients in abundance on the Northern California coast. Starting with these raw materials, our Chef has carefully crafted a menu that features just-caught seafood, scrumptious burgers, overflowing salads, and decadent appetizers.

We pride ourselves on our in-house creations, such as scrumptious homemade soups; clam chowder with 14 secret ingredients; smoked tri-tip, salmon and seasonal barbeque; and fresh beer bread made daily. And we never forget the details: our tender tri tip sandwich comes with a flavorful roasted garlic blue cheese spread, while our garlic cheesy bread is true perfection dipped in tangy marinara sauce. Whether you have a sophisticated palate for clams and cilantro butter or crave some fish and chips, we offer something for every palate.

as fresh as it gets

Our efforts have been noticed; the San Mateo County Farm Bureau and the San Mateo County Convention and Visitors Bureau have consistently awarded us with its "As Fresh As It Gets Award," recognizing our commitment to buying and serving goods and produce from local farmers, and seafood caught off the San Mateo coastline.


Meet Our Chef

gaston alfaro


Chef Gaston Alfaro credits his grandmother for instilling his love of cooking, which he started exploring as a teenager. Native to El Salvador, Alfaro has spent his professional life refining his craft, taking it upon himself to master the art of many international regional cuisines. The result? A truly creative and unique take on colors, flavors, and tastes.

After 30 years in the restaurant industry, he came to the Brewery in 2009. Then he set about transforming it into a world-class restaurant. Drawing on his wide-range of experiences and love of many cuisines, he has created an eclectic menu that takes full advantage of the colors, textures, and tastes of our regional cuisine. Considering his kitchen a laboratory, he can often be found concocting new and creative food combinations and refining them. When he’s convinced a new dish is absolutely perfect, it finally ends up on our menu.

(650) 728-BREW
(650) 728-2739

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