bourbon barrels

Bourbon Barrels of Beer: A Sneak Peek at Upcoming Barrel-Aged Brews

With the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival behind us and November right around the corner, our brewers are already prepared for the winter with some hearty brews stowed away in bourbon barrels.

Sometime in November, look out for the bourbon barrel-aged Papa Juice Old Ale. Papa Juice is strong (just the way papa likes it), making it a nice way to warm up on a chilly night in the late fall. A modest hops infusion tempers the classic sweetness you’d expect from an old ale, making the classic Papa Juice ale a well-balanced choice among high-alcohol beers. The bourbon barrel-aging process adds additional heaviness and depth to the flavor of this beer with smoky notes.

In December, a batch of bourbon barrel-aged Damage Inc. will be ready for bottles. Damage Inc. is an imperial stout, with big flavor and high alcohol content. It features the dark malt flavors you’d expect from a stout with notes of coffee and chocolate expertly combined with Chinook, Ahtanum, and Columbus hops, making this stout a crowd favorite. Its bourbon barrel-aged version adds more complexity to its dark roasted malt profile, adding bourbon flavor and smoky notes.

A bourbon barrel-aged batch of Sneaky Peat is due for release in January. Sneaky Peat is a fun Scotch Ale with a flavor that evolves as you enjoy it. It starts with a roasty malt and caramel flavor. True to its name, the smokiness of the peated malts used in this brew sneak into the flavor profile moments later. The bourbon barrel-aging process brings its smoky character to full fruition, balancing its toasty maltiness with bourbon notes. This is a must-try for those who enjoy smoky brews.

Keep checking in for news on the next round of the Ocho Barril sours series; we’ll let you know as soon as we get the word on the style of sour to expect next!

The fall is a fantastic time to visit our restaurant and brewery in Half Moon Bay with clear skies and crisp sunsets on the patio. If it’s better for you, check out the Pacific Standard Taproom in Berkeley. You can find out what’s on tap at both locations by checking our live beer menus (HMB Brewery and Berkeley Taproom).

Cheers and thanks for reading!