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May News at the Brewco

With spring in full swing we are finally seeing some glorious weather on the Coastside! We are ready for a beautiful month of May with a great variety of brews on deck.


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April Happenings

Spring is upon us! We are already enjoying the sunny weather and later sunsets on our patio.

March was a tasty month to stop by our brewery in Half Moon Bay! We released another batch of our Papa Juice Old Ale, some of which has been set aside to age in Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels. Look for the bourbon barrel aged Papa Juice, to be released in bottles, at the end of the aging process six months from now. The rest of this batch is available on tap now.

The Simconed IPA is an interesting and delicious look into the complexity offered by just one strain of hop. This single-hop IPA includes all the four common forms that hops are processed into. Featuring Simcoe hop pellets, flowers, CO2 extract, and lupulin powder, this West coast style IPA highlights the versatility of the great Simcoe hop. The Simcoe acts as a bittering agent while lending pine, citrus, and passion fruit flavors and aromas to this perfectly balanced IPA. The Simconed IPA is on tap now.

We just released our Tasty Remnants IPA. This East coast style IPA is light in color and hazy with wheat and oats rounding out the malt profile. With El Dorado and Denali hops in both pellet and whole cone form, 6277 hops pellets, and Eukanot lupulin powder this beer packs a hoppy punch balanced by the malty character we love about East coast style IPAs. Find the Tasty Remnants IPA on tap at our brewery and at our taproom in Berkeley!